22nd Century Media (22CM) is a homegrown media company built from the ground up on a foundation of honesty, integrity and community. What started as one local newspaper in 2005 is now 15 award-winning newspapers and websites and a constantly growing community events division with an expansive reach across Chicagoland to serve our business partners.

Our readers’ attachment to our products has catalyzed our growth from a standing start 10 years ago to nearly 200,000 homes and 400,000 readers today. 22CM is the fastest-growing media company in Chicago. The company's format has been so successful that it launched in Los Angeles County (City of Malibu) in 2013. Other outlets cannot compete with 22CM papers' depth of coverage — real-time, impact news daily online and 30-40 unique news stories in each physical publication every single week.

For advertisers, 22CM provides penetration rates that are impossible to replicate. 22CM publications have a larger reach rate than the NFL's championship game. Additionally, 22nd Century Media covers communities that advertisers covet most- areas with extremely high home ownership and attractive income demographics.
Please check out the recent publicity 22CM has received and its more than 150 awards won since its inception.

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22CM pulls in 7 national awards

For the sixth straight year, 22nd Century Media is a national award-winner.

The National Newspaper Association recognized 22nd Century Media with seven awards for...


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